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Paragliding flying sites

Our flying sites are dislocated on an area of 100 km around rome, in the whole latium region. The take off is chosen based on wheather forecasts to maximize safety and fun!

Some of more amazing latiun take off:

  • Paragliding in Norma (RM)

    Norma is ome of the most fascinating paragliding site of the center of Italy. During the morning is it possible to enjoy emotional fligths in thermal condition until cloudbase in good company of hawks. Otherwise, during the last part of the afternoon wind conditions are smooth and soft, absolutly perfect for the first flight! The panorama is absolutely great, you can see the sea, Lepini mountains, the ancient town of Norba and flying over the Ninfa Oasis and the new town of Norma. To reach the taxe off from the parking we need 15 min walking througth the rest of an amazing roman's city of 500 years before Crist.

    paragliding Norma
  • Paragliding in Tivoli (RM)

    Tivoli takeoff is absolutely the most popular one between Romans pilots. It is the paragliding site cloests to Rome and it is possible to reach the take off directly by car. Tivoli conditions are absolutly perfect for the first flight, as the air surrounding the take-off is peaceful and relaxing, perfect for your first pargliding experience! The panorama is absolutely great, you can see the sea, Rome, Villa d’Este, Villa Adriana and the typical Roman landscape.

    paragliding Tivoli
  • Tandem fly in San Donato Val Comino (FR)

    San Donato takeoff is placed in a wonderfull valley between Latium region and Abruzzo National Park. Very often is possible to fly with eagles and hawks and is not rare to meet wild animals over the top of the mountains. During winter is often the only place where is possible to enjoy a fantastic experience.

    paragliding San Donato val Comino
  • Paragliding Serrone (RM)

    Serrone takeoff is placed on Scalambra mountain. This flying site offers several aerological conditions depending by the season and by takeoff hour. During the early hours of the afternoon Serrone is characterized by powerful and big thermals, while in the afternoon becomes peaceful and relaxing, ideal for all kind of passengers!

    paragliding Serrone